Maya Khola Hydropower Company Limited

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About Maya Khola Hydropower

Maya Khola Hydropower Company is the organization that is implementing the Maya Khola Hydropower Project. The company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 28 May 2010 (14 Jestha, 2067) with registration no. 73167/066/067. The company was converted into a public limited company on 12 May 2016 (20 Mangshir 2073) with registration No. 159553/073/74. This conversion was made in order to facilitate the company to invite public shares as equity.

Maya Khola Hydropower Project is situated in Sankhuwasabha district in easternNepal. The run of river project was initially designed as a 5 MW project. However the capacity was revised as per prevailing norms of NEA (@ exceedance factor of Q40) and is now fixed at 14.9 MW. The project is accessible by a trunk metalledroad from Dharan in east Nepal. The power from the project is evacuated through a3.4 km long 33 kV transmission line to the NEA substation tobe constructed by NEA at Baneshwor.

PPA signed with NEA for power purchase on 2070/8/30 (15 November, 2013). The RCOD of project as per PPA is 1 Poush, 2076 (17 December 2019).

Generation License issued by Ministry Of Energy on 12 June 2014 with validity of 35 years.

Consortium loan agreement of Rs. 1,825,000,000 between Maya Khola Hydropower Company Limited and Consortium of Citizen bank limited, Century Bank Limited and Civil Bank Limited on January 24, 2018.